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Blogging 101


Over the past few years blogging has become an incredible branding tool and overall industry. Some may choose to blog as a hobby whereas others use it as a business medium because it is a great way to build relationships. We’ve rounded up some tips to start your blog asap!

  • Find Your Niche

Before building your website you to have an idea of what you want your blog to be about and who your target audience will be. Think about WHO you want to gear your topics to, WHO you want to read your posts, WHO will interact with you, and WHO will appreciate your opinions/advice. At the end of the day your content needs to be consistent so that your target market continues to stay engaged.

  • Choose a Name

One of the most difficult decisions is choosing a name. To develop the name, keep a notebook or list of words that offer ideas and inspiration. It can be objects, adjectives, or feelings that help relate to your personality. Literary devices, such as alliteration, can really help your brand name stick in people’s minds. Whatever you decide to call your blog, make sure that it is something that would both make sense to your readers and help them relate to your brand!

  • Pick a Platform

Choose a stage by using a free and easy-to-maintain content management system. Many individuals prefer WordPress or Blogger when starting out a blog because both are free. It’s all a matter of what you want your site to be able to do and which you feel more comfortable with managing, all of which you can find out with research.

  • Brainstorm Blog Posts

Blogging is as much about reading for inspiration then it is about writing. Make reading other blogs and articles a part of your daily routine. You’ll be surprised at how many ideas for your own pieces you’ll receive while reading, and check out the comment section too! Finally, stay active by using social media for content ideas and talk to others like family and friends to get creative suggestions!

  • Publicize Your Blog

Lots of bloggers get caught up in coming up with great content that they forget to market their blog, but it’s just as important as the maintenance. Social media is a great place to begin. Instagram is a great tool if your posts have great visuals. We also recommend sharing all of your posts with friends and families on your personal sites! Get involved with creative collaborations to build your following. Overall, focusing on the promotion of your site is as eminent as the writing!

All in all, to begin your blogging adventure, you must be dedicated and write about topics you are passionate about. We hope these tips are as beneficial to your experience as they were to ours!


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