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Networking 101


Networking is the key to running a successful business or promoting your brand. Many people dread going to an event and introducing themselves to strangers. For some, it’s the self-promotion aspect and others have a hard time finding common ground with new peers. We’re dishing on our top networking tips to make the task a bit easier.

  • Have a Goal in Mind

Why are you attending the event? Decide if you’re going for your career to establish media connections for a specific campaign, or when marketing yourself as a potential hire. Or if you’re there for your business to establish partnerships with new clients, or raise overall brand awareness amongst your target market. Whatever the reason, figure it out before you arrive!

  • Cheat by Using the Guest List

Do you know who else besides yourself will be at the event? If the guest list is public, take time to review the names before arriving. Knowing what companies will be there may influence who you decide to strike up a conversation with! Try looking them up on LinkedIn before the event for more information!

  • Bring a Conversation Starter

It is much easier to ask a woman where her shoes or purse is from than it is to ask what she does for a living. Give others something tangible to talk about like an eye-catching accessory so that others feel comfortable striking a conversation with you.

  • Prepare an Opening Line

Everyone attends to make new connections, so swallow your pride and get comfortable introducing yourself with genuine confidence. Having two or three interesting follow-up questions in mind is also a great idea!

  • Share your passion

Win people over with your enthusiasm for your product or service. Leave a lasting impression by telling a story about why you were inspired to create your company. Sharing your passion makes for a memorable conversation!

Now that you’re ready for your next event, get out there and network like a pro! And don’t forget your business card!


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