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Instagram Stories: What You Need to Know

Snapchat has some serious competition from Instagram. In April, Instagram stories surpassed Snapchat by gaining more than 200 million users per day whereas Snapchat only has 160 million users. Make the move from Snapchat by understanding what Instagram stories have to offer. It’s the perfect way to connect. If you’re using it for your personal accounts or business here are some tips and advice:

Why use Instagram Stories?

Instagram stories has a high engagement with younger audiences. Users under 25 spend on average 32 minutes daily on Instagram stories while 25 and older spend more than 24 minutes daily on Instagram stories. That’s a lot of time on Instagram for you to connect with potential customers.

Since Stories is a more casual form of communicating with followers in encourages conversation. 1 in 5 organic stories from a business generated a direct message from a consumer. This means you can connect one on one with your followers.

Things to share on Instagram stories:

  • Behind the scenes- business operations, a day in the life and new arrivals
  • Q & A’s- ask your followers to send questions they may have ahead of time and answer them all together. These are especially useful for new product launches too
  • Tutorials- how to’s and styling tips for your products and services
  • Other ideas: hauls, tours, sneak peeks


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