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Social Media Tips


A common myth about social media marketing is that every post needs to directly contribute to your bottom line. A business actually needs to develop a relationship with its followers. To do this we’ve compiled a checklist with tips for posting on social media that will help you increase engagement across your social media platforms.

·      Post Consistently

Producing consistent content helps brands establish themselves as leaders in their industry. The regularity of your content has a direct influence on how credible people think you are. It also engages the audience which helps to build loyal followers. Consistency improves website traffic and SEO as well which can lead to new customers.

·      Provide accurate information using the right tone

Using the appropriate tone ensures that the message is communicated properly. Even the most positive message can be misunderstood if the tone is not correct.

·      Retweeting, replying, and tagging other accounts are key parts of social media outreach

Social media is less about advertising and much more about creating, nurturing and developing a more direct relationship between individuals and the brands that serve them. So interacting with followers can be extremely beneficial.

·      Always include a call to action whenever possible

Call to action (CTA) posts ask your audience to do something. That can be anything from liking a post and entering a contest to sharing a photo or making a purchase. The goal of a CTA post is to increase engagement.

Social media marketing is not about selling and posting random content. Brands need to engage with their followers in a number of different formats. As a result, they’ll build relationships, brand reputation and community over time.


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