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Tips for Flat Lays

Social media is everything these days which means your images need to be beautiful, inspiring and well thought out, while still remaining to look effortless all at the same time. A popular photography style is the the “flat lay”. Essentially it’s a birds eye view of strategically placed products that relate, tell a story or portray a lifestyle.  We style lots of flat lays for clients so we thought we’d share out top tips and tricks with you.

  1. Lighting is EVERYTHING- natural lighting is always the best, its bright, crisp and avoids shadows so your products standout. Often times we take these pictures outside in daylight or at least by a big window. If natural lighting isn’t working in your favor though then invest in a set of professional lights like these.
  2. Think of a Theme- your theme could be a color way or maybe it’s just a story your telling such as all travel necessities or your sharing a big picture of a tablescape just make sure every piece in the picture ties in within one another in some way.
  3. Think about your Backdrop- for a clean crisp look stick to a white background or a pale shade of a color. Your background can be as simple as a poster board from the Dollar Store. For texture or a rustic vibe get creative use a piece of wood, cork or even moss. Just try to stay away from glossy surfaces as they will reflect light.
  4. Balance your Pieces- avoid any large white spaces. Think of your pictures cut up in four quarters is there an equal or balanced amount of props in each quarter?
  5. Take lots of Pictures- meaning more than you think you need and at different angles because from one picture to the next you might be surprised at which looks best.

Happy snapping!


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