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An Interview with Aly from Willa Heart

Aly created Willa Heart by turning her passion for painting into a successful business! She was diagnosed at a young age as Dyslexic, and her mother, whose middle name is Willa, took it upon herself to immerse her in the arts knowing words would never be her thing. Learn more about Aly below.


What inspired you to start your business?

“Doing something I love on a daily basis. Before moving to South Carolina from Boston, I worked for a start up. I loved it and was super inspired by everyone working together to build this business. The energy on a daily basis was electric! When we moved here, I wanted to carve out my own little place in this world like that. I just wasn’t sure what it would be.”

 What advice would you give to an inspiring entrepreneur or student?

“Don’t be afraid to try lots of different things, try stuff on and see what fits! And of course, when you figure out what it is that you want to do, run with it! Personally, I have tried about a million careers. Willa Heart seems like a good fit.”

How has social media influenced or helped your business? Do you have an example? 

“It 100% built my business, I would be nowhere without the power of instagram. I was very lucky to have been “discovered” on there by Teggy French thru hashtags. She posted one of my paintings and then Paige Minear saw it and did the same. That day I went from 73 followers to over 1000 and I have been growing ever since.”

Who do you admire and why?  

“My father! He is Dyslexic like me and was the best role model growing up. I couldn’t read or write till I was much older and neither could he. He showed me you could be successful and not know spelling anything. Seriously, I can’t spell for the life of me. He taught me how dyslexia is an asset that I could use in a positive way. I think it is my dyslexia that makes me creative.”

What’s next for you and your business?

“World domination? I am not sure. I just started Willa Heart in March so it still feels like a little baby. I am excited to see where the new year takes me and my business.”



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