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An Interview with Jaclyn Humble

Jaclyn created Frazier Lynn Jewelry to promote the Southern way of life through designs, values, and efforts. She draws inspiration from a myriad of different cultures, but their classic aesthetic results in rich yet simple silhouettes. Jaclyn’s desire is for each piece of Frazier Lynn jewelry to become an “old faithful” that you’ll wear for years to come. Learn more about Jaclyn in our interview with her below.


What inspired you to start your business?

“I first got the idea to start Frazier Lynn while I was working retail at the mall in 2011. The store where I worked had HUNDREDS of different costume jewelry styles, but I found that I would sell the same few pieces to almost every customer who walked in. Women wanted higher-quality, colorful, & simple designs… and most of the costume jewelry at that store fell flat. After my stint as a mall sales girl, I got a job at a boutique as an assistant manager & buyer. I was so thrilled to have the opportunity to predict trends & have more control over the product that I was selling. Very early on while working at the boutique, it became apparent to me that there was a lack in quality costume jewelry brands available for small boutiques to carry. I fell in love with natural stones, but didn’t like the wire wrapped or boho-style pieces. There wasn’t a reasonably priced jewelry brand that represented my classic southern preppy aesthetic & used the beautiful semi-precious stones that I love so much. That’s when I started making & designing my own jewelry. After I started posting my designs on Instagram, people started commenting & asking to buy some for themselves. It’s taken me a few years of behind the scenes work to build my business to where it is now, but I am so thrilled with how my designs turned out & the response that I’m getting from customers!”

What advice would you give to an inspiring entrepreneur or student?

“1- If you want to work for a small brand / business, then become a loyal customer & cheerleader. Show that brand / business what benefits you can offer as just a friend / customer & then when a position opens: you’ll be the first candidate that comes to mind. 

2- Being someone’s 1st employee can be even more impactful than being the founder. Owning your own business is not for the fate of heart. Its both financially & mentally taxing… I’d advise anyone to dip his or her toe into entrepreneurial life by working for a start-up rather than jumping in head first. Just because you’re not the “founder”, doesn’t mean that you can’t put all of your heart & soul into a brand.”

How has social media influenced or helped your business? Do you have an example?

“Social media has influenced my business in every way possible. The internet is still very new, and now is the best time to take advantage of that. WWW might as well stand for the Wild Wild West. ???? If it weren’t for Social Media, then no one would really know my name or have access to my products.”

Who do you admire and why? 

“The person who I admire most is my grandfather, Carlos Llanes. He grew up in Cuba & worked his way through medical school by cleaning horse stalls & warming up horses in the morning at a race track. After completing medical school in Havana, he got a medical residency in New York. Since he came to America with just a few dollars in his pocket, he didn’t have enough money to buy clothes. So he & his two friends chipped in to buy one suit for them to share. They were all different heights: one friend was taller & one friend was shorter, but my grandfather was in the middle; so they bought a suit that fit my grandfather. They would take turns wearing the suit to the opera on their days off & would wear medical scrubs the rest of the time. During his time in New York, he became friends with movies stars like Montgomery Clift & Grace Kelly, all while wearing a suit that he shared with friends! After years of hard work, he became a respected radiologist & made enough money to own his own racehorses. Those are just a few examples of many stories that have about him, he never let his circumstances define his place in life. His story & legacy is what inspired me to build my brand. He truly lived the American Dream and I know he would be proud that I started my own business.”

What’s next for you and your business?

“2018 is going to be the year of growth for my business. I focused on product development for all of 2017 & this year I’m focusing on getting my designs into stores all over the country. I will be exhibiting at my first trade show with Frazier Lynn in February! If you’re a boutique buyer & attending the February Atlanta Apparel Mart, then come see me on floor 3 booth #122!”



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