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How to Write a Social Media Bio

The new elevator pitch may just be the social media bio. In this digital world many of your first impressions are online with strangers across the country. You never know just who you’ll meet online but you want to make sure to put your best foot forward because after all they say, “you only get one first impression”. Here are our tips to make it a good one:

Be original- since you’re limited to the amount of characters in your bio make sure what you say stands out, is unique and will dare we say, pique someone’s interest?

Brag- go ahead and boast about yourself, list an accompaniment such as “winner of” or “featured in”

Target your audience- use hashtags and keywords to target those you wish to connect with be them other industry professionals, potential clients, or brand partners

Be yourself- let your personality shine, if you’re silly then crack a joke in your profile. Nerdy? maybe put a wild fact



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