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Tips for Publicizing Your Event

Thinking of hosting an event? An event is a great way to get people into your store, experience your business offerings first hand and try your products. Here are some tips to make it successful:

  1. Add your event to event boards. If you simply google “events in (your area)” many event boards will pop up where if you create an account you can simply add your event to the list. For larger events that are open to the public this is a great and FREE way to promote your event.
  2. Send an invite plus a press release to local writers and editors. Don’t forget about influencers and bloggers as well. They are great for social media coverage and usually have a strong local following.
  3. If your event isn’t open to the public, instead invite only, think about hosting a giveaway via social media where the winner would get to attend with a friend. As an entry have people follow and tag friends in the comments to enter. This will create some local social media buzz.
  4. Hire a photographer or take high res pictures yourself if you have a nice camera. A great way to get post event coverage is to send a press release about the event with images from the event to local media outlets. This makes the writer’s job super easy and increases your chance of being published.


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