Get to Know: Mini Hay

We came to know of The Goldbug Collection through our Charleston based client ZAGS, as they recently collaborated on their ZAGS x The Goldbug Collection which Patricia attended the launch event in April. Being obsessed with accessories and brands with a story behind them, we immediately loved The Goldbug Collection and had to reach out to founder Mini to learn more!

What Inspired you to start your business?

My mom, she challenged me with the task of creating a jewelry line that represents Charleston, that would be appreciated by locals and visitors, and a variety of ages.

What advice would you give a student or aspiring entrepreneur?

Don’t be afraid to try, even if its a flop, you have to at least try. And always follow your vision and your gut.

How has social media influenced or helped your business? Do you have an example?

Social media has had an awesome influence on our brand. One of my favorite social media campaigns we’ve done was the “Goldbug Travels”, where we encouraged people to tag their bugs on their summer travels. People really got into it! It was amazing to see where they all landed…Africa, Prague, Goldbug Island, to name a few.

Who do you admire and why?

My mom, she has this amazing way about her, where she can handle almost any challenge that comes her way with such ease. She also is the most thoughtful person I know, I hope that I get at least a fraction of her thoughtful gene. She goes out of her way to include people and loop them into whatever is going on in town and truly makes people fell special without it being forced or transparent. Also she was a “Girl Boss” before it was cool.

What is next for your business?

This summer we are taking the Goldbugs to Dallas and New York for design and buying shows. I am so nervous/excited to see how they do! I always dream of adding pocketbooks and other accessories besides jewelry, but taking these one step at a time, for now.

What do you think has been your greatest accomplishment thus far?

Being able to give back to the Charleston community through our designs, each season I pick a piece and pair it with an important cause in my heart and we give percent of the sales of that piece to local charities and programs. So far we have partnered with heART, which hosts a day program for differently able adults where they explore art, poetry, athletics and all kinds of healthy activities that help these adults shine. Also, the Roper St. Francis breast cancer outreach program, that helps provide screening and tests for those in our community that cannot afford the necessary testing.

Favorite quote?

“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.” -Henri Matisse

Favorite piece in the collection?

So hard to choose! I wear my Love Train Cuff, everyday so if I must choose only one, I guess that would be it! Second would be the Big Bug Drops!

How would you describe your brand in 3 words?

Quirky, Fun, “Charleston-y”


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