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Get to Know: Lauren Haskell

We met Lauren Haskell thanks to a brand collab with our friend Evelyn Henson and boy are we glad she introduced us! Lauren owns Lauren Haskell Designs, a interior design firm AND Lo Home an online shop with pillows, blankets and lamps in the prettiest colors!

What Inspired you to start your business?

I have always had a passion for art, design, and creating. I even made my own clothes, bedding, and curtains in high school! (Luckily, there are very few photos to evidence these looks). Even though I pursued a graduate degree in the medical field (occupational therapy), that passion to create and design products and spaces kept nagging at me.I transitioned into a more specialized therapy setting that allowed for flexible hours, and suddenly, I had more time to explore my passion! At this point, I knew that eventually I wanted to create an original line of textiles and home decor products, but I had no idea how the interior design/ trade industry worked. I decided to put together a portfolio and apply to a design firm to learn the basics of the interior design and retail space. After about a year at the firm, I decided to branch out and try it on my own!

What advice would you give a student or aspiring entrepreneur?

I think the thing that has helped me the most is my eagerness to learn. I feel so thankful to live in the era of YouTube and Google. I was able to teach myself about everything from tax laws to accounting, pattern design to photoshop, and even the ins-and-outs of textile milling!

How has social media influenced or helped your business? Do you have an example?

Social media has been my main source of marketing from the beginning. Over 90% of my design clients and shop customers have discovered me through Instagram. Instagram is such a visual platform, so I think it is ideal for showcasing work in the fashion and design industries. Again, I feel so fortunate to be leading a creative small business during this time when we are so connected to each other. Ideas, products, and images can be shared with an astonishingly huge audience, and I receive endless inspiration at the tips of my fingers every day!

Who do you admire and why?

Honestly, ANYONE who is doing this entrepreneurship thing! I always imagined that owning a small business would require discipline and resourcefulness and sweat, but now I know that it also requires a huge amount of bravery, resiliency, and willful optimism. During the times that I feel discouraged and so alone in the day to day struggles, road-blocks, and decisions, I think of the many entrepreneurs who have succeed and continue to succeed. If they can do it, I can too!

What is next for your business?

I have so many ideas! Too many ideas! I am constantly thinking-up and sketching new products and designs! At this point, my greatest challenge is having the patience to sink into one product launch at a time and wait for the funds to reinvest into my next creation!

What do you think has been your greatest accomplishment thus far?

I don’t think it has happened yet- I have too many big ideas that are still un-checked.

Favorite quote?

It’s not necessarily related to design or entrepreneurship but:

“This is a wonderful day! I’ve never seen this one before.” – Maya Angelou

What’s your number one design advice or trick?

“White done right” is such a timeless, fresh, and versatile look.


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