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To Market, To Market

Those in the industry often throw around the word “market” (myself included) and just assume that everyone knows what we’re talking about. However, if you’re not in retail or own a brand, you likely don’t know. So let me fill you in as we just got back from the America’s Mart Atlanta Gift Show.

Market refers to the shows that happen multiple times a year where wholesalers (brands) come to sell their product to resellers at wholesale price that they consumers can find them at their local stores.

In the USA there are many markets but typically the biggest are in NYC, Atlanta and Dallas. There are even trade specific shows for golf, swim, accessories, gifts and stationary.

From a buyers standpoint a day at market is a busy one, they move along from booth to booth (or showroom) meeting with as many designers as they can to place orders for the next season, see upcoming trends and discover new brands.

From a brand or wholesaler, the day is also busy as they constantly have people in their booth and are showing what is new or a best seller with the goal to attract new accounts or have buyer purchase larger quantities.

A brand’s booth or showroom needs to be a temporary representation of the brand’s story. It needs to attract people to want to step in and learn more, as you want to stand out from your competitors. Well designed booths use branded colors and pattern, display product in a way that others could visualize it in their store and create lifestyle.

While market shows are typically an expensive investment, they are the best way to connect with retailers which can bring in another form of revenue to your business through their wholesale buying.


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