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Get to Know: Christina Henck

Christina Henck is the owner and creator of Henck Design. Henck Design is an award winning interior design company based in Philadelphia. They are focused on creating beautiful spaces that inspire their clients and they are known for mixing old and new to transform spaces with imaginative solutions. Learn more about Christina in our interview with her below!

What Inspired you to start your business?

“Sometimes reverse engineering is the best way.  It’s not the path most frequently traveled, but many times the wisest.  I really started my company because at my core, I’m not a rule follower.  I interviewed with several companies for furniture sales, staging and a design assistant.  I was even offered a few positions, which I did not take. I kept feeling like I was preparing myself to settle.  And I’m not one to settle.

So the short answer is, out of necessity.  I needed to do my own thing. I needed to be independent and fulfill the vision I had for myself at that time, which is to create my own interior design firm.”

What advice would you give a student or aspiring entrepreneur?

“My best advice for up and coming folks is don’t be afraid to be yourself.  So many times I see people trying to be something they’re not when they are trying to make a name for themselves.  It’s SO important to be authentic. If you’re not real with people and clear about who you are in the world, you absolutely will not get what you authentically want in life and business.”

How has social media influenced or helped your business? Do you have an example?

“SM has been a huge part of my success and strategy in business.  I have a passion for running my own accounts (with a little delegated help from my rock star assistants) and have developed my own followers.  I have potential clients reach me via Instagram all the time a couple years after they’ve started following me, who say things like, “We’ve been following and love what you do.  Now the time is right, can we set up a Henck Design consult?”’

Who do you admire and why?

“I admire interior designers everywhere.  Interior Design is a very complex field. There are sales, styling, graphic design, logistics, supply chain management, fast changing trends, among many other challenges that interior designers face on an everyday basis.  From a distance, our field looks pretty simple; it’s really quite the contrary. The field requires classical training, continuing education on a multitude of products and lots of heavy lifting (literally!). Next time you meet an interior designer, just remember, she’s moving mountains.”

What is next for your business?

“Henck Design was recently featured in our first national editorial piece.  That’s very exciting, and shows our trajectory is really towards the national space.  We are in a growth stage now, and are as always, very focused on reaching our target market and delivering fabulous product and service for our clients in Philadelphia, the surrounding suburbs and Jersey Shore.”

What do you think has been your greatest accomplishment thus far?

“Having happy clients who return to do business a couple years after the first job has been my greatest accomplishment.  My biggest honor and reassurance was that in my first three years of business, I had three return clients. That’s how I know my work has been successful from the start.”

What’s your number one design advice or trick?

“No such thing.  My design philosophy is one of integration and putting Gestalt theory to work.  The parts are nothing without the whole. The entire composition has to be balanced and part of a larger vision that small tips and tricks can not foresee.”


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