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How to Save on Splurges When Starting a Business

When you’re starting a business what an exciting time! You’re sharing your talents with the world and all your hard work leading up to the launch. With all this newness though comes expenses, so how can you save on the expensive things?

Business Cards- while business cards are the impression that you leave others with, often times your card ends up at the bottom of their purse or tossed in the trash after they reconnect. In today’s world there are so many places you can find business cards on a budget such as Vistaprint or Moo.

Photography- would you believe me if I told you my first website images were staged in a corner of my parents living room? I saved a lot of money by not having to invest in a studio or a rent a space for my website images. I also worked with a new photographer who was just starting her business as well so she was able to give me a great price as long as I spread the word and tagged her. Look into those new in the business or even students! Everyone has to start somewhere…

Website- while there certainly is a difference in a professional and DIY website, if you’re not selling a product online then I’d say you can DIY your website at the beginning until you have money to properly invest. With sites like Squarespace that have templates included where you just need to plugin content, it makes DIYing easier.


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