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Always Have These On Hand for Photos

Today’s post is for those that take their own social media photos, those who take others or even those who work with a photographer but have to style their own images. We’re sharing the things you always should have on hand for photos… photo props if you will that are the formula for a pretty picture!

  1. Flowers or greenery- while we prefer real, fresh flowers, today’s craft stores have pretty great fakes (especially the palm fonds) so we won’t hold it against you if you go artificial!
  2. Vases- Homegoods is king for this! Invest in a small vase or jar that compliments your brand’s colors.
  3. Candle- a lit candle adds just a bit of ambience to your images, making it warm and real.
  4. Pen- not just a regular BIC pen but instead put the money out for a fun bamboo one on Etsy or a colored Le Pen, even an elegant metal pen depending on your vibe. These are great for desktop shots.
  5. Coffee Table Books- the best place to find these for a steal is Amazon and Homegoods. These books add color and interest to your pictures.
  6. Cocktail Napkins- for any food or drink picture you’ll want a cute napkin. Buy these while waiting in the checkout line at TJMaxx or invest in linen ones from August Morgan and Lettermade.


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