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3 Tools for Entrepreneurs

Let’s be honest, being an entrepreneur is fun but its hard! You wear so many hats, sometimes you’re even wear 5 at once. Thank god there are tools, apps and programs that help make our life a little easier. Today I’m sharing 3 of my favorite and I’d love to hear some of yours in the comments.
1- MileIQ– my least favorite part of business is the accounting number stuff. Tracking my mileage is a HIGE pain. I mean who ever remembers to do so? Then the end of the year comes and you try to look back in your calendar and see where you’ve been.
My friend Ally thankfully told me about MileIQ an app that runs on your phone constantly tracking where you’re driving. You just go in later and categorize them between business and personal and then it emails you a fancy excel sheet with all the totals. I think it costs me $5 a month?
2- DocuSign– speaking of apps, how many times as an entrepreneur do you have to sign a doc that someone sends via email? Before DocuSign my process was print it out, sign it, then scan it in (if the scanner is actually working) or take a picture of it and crop and email back. Now just take a picture of it on your phone through the DocuSign app and insert your signature. So easy!
3- AppleWatch- I’m always on my phone but my apple watch allows me to be on my phone without actually being on my phone. I get calls, texts and emails right to my wrist so I can screen what needs to be taken care of right now or what can wait. Plus, I like how it tracks your fitness which encourage me to do more.


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