A Giveaway Everyone Will Love!

Other than her selflessness and dedication to others, can you remember one thing everyone loved about Oprah? If you guessed her giveaways, than you guessed right! Everyone loves to get free stuff. Giveaways seem to be one of the most up and coming ways to increase your following whether it be for your business or blog.

According to EasyAcc.com, a giveaway is a promotional tool used by businesses to improve awareness of the brand, improve their image, or drive sales. Giveaways can range a great deal in size and value. Most businesses that use giveaways in their marketing strategies roll the price of their giveaway into their other products or services.

Now that we know what a giveaway is, let’s go into the steps needed to run a successful giveaway. First things first, figure out what your prize will be. If your business is exclusively running the giveaway maybe give away a clothing set, a jewelry set, shoes, or even a gift card. If you’re an influencer and you’re partnering with another influencer you can try giving away gift cards to your favorite stores, jewelry or clothing from a clothing store you work with, or even do something different like giving away at camera.

Once you have your prize in mind, then you have to think about the best way to advertise your giveaway. Make sure it’s eye catching and representative of what you’re giving away. If you want to get followers / customers excited about the gifts review them ahead of time so they know that they’re getting. Remember to take great photos too for your advertising on your social media pages to catch individuals eyes.

The next part of the crazy process is all about receiving the submissions. Using social media is the most commonly used way to receive submissions from followers and clients. To ensure someone has a submission you can work with websites such as  Rafflecopter or PromoSimple. With your giveaway submissions you can ask people to like or comment on certain posts, follow certain individuals or companies involved with the giveaway, or even ask followers to sign up for text updates for your business.

The last part to this process is the selecting the winner and sending out the product! After all submissions are uploaded the website you use for your drawing will randomly select a winner! It is your job to get in touch with the winner and send them their prize in a timely fashion. Although this might sound tedious, a giveaway will always grab old and new followers attention. Hopefully after reading this post you will be able to take part in your very first giveaway and watch your following soar!


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