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A Note from Patricia

We got a facelift! Well “we” being the Piqued PR website. The business and website was built in 2013 so some fresh new images were long overdo. Would you believe me if I told you the images back then were staged in a corner of my parent’s living room? Fact. At that point I was just a 23 year old fresh out of college with about a year of industry experience under my belt. I had a big dream, a lot of drive and even greater passion. 

I started this business because fashion, as well as decor and beauty was my life. I couldn’t get enough of learning about the latest trends, understanding the process behind designing products or services but more importantly I believed strongly in small businesses. There are so many talented individuals out there creating amazing products and I am so lucky to work with so many of them. I feel that in publicizing their product or service I can play a small role in their journey to success. 

Piqued PR has helped countless brands get connected with influencers and celebs. We’ve placed clients in our favorite glossy magazines. We have witnessed client products selling out because of demand. But when it comes down to it my favorite part still is just watching these entrepreneurs achieve their dreams!

We are so thankful to be a part of your journey and can’t wait to work with more of you! In the meantime take a look at our refreshed site with images by Haley Cairo and our new graphics by our fabulous graphic designer Kelsey who has been with us just about since day one and even designed our logo way back when!


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Established in 2013, Piqued PR is a full service boutique PR agency focusing on lifestyle clientele. We pique the interest of press and consumers to inform and excite them about your business, products and services.

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