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Social Media Tips

  A common myth about social media marketing is that every post needs to directly contribute to your bottom line. A business actually needs to

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Networking 101

  Networking is the key to running a successful business or promoting your brand. Many people dread going to an event and introducing themselves to

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Blogging 101

  Over the past few years blogging has become an incredible branding tool and overall industry. Some may choose to blog as a hobby whereas

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Instagram Live

The other week we talked about Instagram Stories, how we use it and why we like it. Today we are expanding on this with Instagram

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Podcast Love

  You’re either one of those people that can work in silence or you need background noise. We are the latter here at Piqued PR

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Tips for Flat Lays

Social media is everything these days which means your images need to be beautiful, inspiring and well thought out, while still remaining to look effortless

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Established in 2013, Piqued PR is a full service boutique PR agency focusing on lifestyle clientele. We pique the interest of press and consumers to inform and excite them about your business, products and services.

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