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Collaboration over Competition

When starting your own business, the weight of trying to beat competitors is heavy. Competition can be tiring, stressful, and even delay the success of your business. Although a healthy competition between businesses can give your brand leverage, a collaboration can benefit both brands in a much more positive way!

Collaboration shows that your business supports and works well with others.

The most important thing about collaboration is creating strong and lasting relationships. The first step is to grow and foster these relationships before any collaborations occur. One way to do this is through creating regular opportunities to connect with other entrepreneurs, brands, and influencers, whether through an event or online. 

At Piqued PR, we are always connecting with and attending events with other brands! The clients we work with continue to grow their business through collaborations with influencers and other brands!

Collaboration is about bringing positivity to your brand. It’s about encouraging and sharing creativity for mutual benefit. Collaboration puts your business out there to grow your brand awareness. So when thinking about growing your business, choose a beneficial collaboration over any competition!


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Established in 2013, Piqued PR is a full service boutique PR agency focusing on lifestyle clientele. We pique the interest of press and consumers to inform and excite them about your business, products and services.

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