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Event Ideas for your Brand

Holding or attending events with your brand is a great way to get your business’s name out there. I always love seeing new and different brands when I go to town festivals or conventions, and I have definitely bought a product or a few before! For this reason, have your brand attend these festivals and conventions when given the opportunity to! They are a great opportunity to provide samples of your products where attendees can test, smell, or feel them before they make their purchase.

Similarly, trunk shows and pop-up shops are another great way to introduce your brand to a new and similar audience. These events can bring your brand to life, allowing past and future customers to meet you face to face, making a more personal experience for both you and your audience! 

If you have an occasion to celebrate, or just want to show appreciation for those you work with, you can hold a lunch or dinner party for everyone. Invite a select group of those who truly help to make your brand what it is, including loyal influencers. Make sure to include a pretty setup and table, photo opportunities, and bags with goodies for everyone to take home! Everyone will appreciate the great time and there will be plenty of pictures to post!

Similar to a dinner party, or even before the dining begins, you can have those who attend get crafty! A craft or hobby based event or activity is something different and hands-on that people will love! Plus they can take the item home with them to remember the occasion!

Another get together opportunity for a product launch, celebration, or even just to connect with others is a breakfast or cocktail hour event. Easier for weekends or short getaways during conventions, these events can connect other brands and influencers to yours for future collaborations. Of course, a little extra networking never hurt anyone!

Lastly, virtual events are always an option today. Brainstorm ways to get those who attend more engaged. For example, send a small package that they will have for the event with snacks and other goodies. Games or specific talking points are always good to have ready to keep everyone involved!


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