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Finding Your Balance

Amy Littleson works in marketing for her long-time favorite fashion company, Lilly Pulitzer, and lives a double life of working/blogging. Amy started her blog, I Believe in Pink, while in college at the University of Richmond. She was an Integrated Marketing and Communications major, a Leadership Studies minor, a member of Kappa Alpha Theta, and an overall busy bee. Amy tends to be type A during the day and a free spirit at night so she is constantly pursuing the balance of work and play. As you can see Amy found her balance, and now she’s here to help you find yours! Take it away Amy!

“The topic of “finding your balance” and “doing it all” is a fascinating but hard one. It might be one of the most talked about and debated topics among women right now. Some say that balance doesn’t exist and that you can’t possibly “do it all” and others argue that you can have and do the best of everything while living out a balanced life.

A little bit about me first (because, duh)— I’m on the corporate marketing team for the resortwear brand Lilly Pulitzer. I’ve curated the blog, I Believe in Pink, for the past 5ish years, which I run like a business and have expanded to include assistance from a digital agency, an editing service, an ad manager, etc. I also own and operate a pop-up e-commerce boutique that specializes in bohemian chic accessories. I’m not going to lie to you– my life is sometimes a lot. Each of these things could easily be a full time job in itself and I’m working on all three every day. But, at the core of these roles is my goal to add a little bit of color and confidence to the lives of high school, college, and post-grad women everywhere. Which is the real reason that I continue to attempt to do it all, and find the goodness in the balance to do so. 🙂

So, my take on finding balance in a busy schedule? Can you really have and do it all?! I believe that it’s all about how you look at it. The one factor that I’ve found that can help dictate which type of day you’re going to have is your mindset. If you wake up with a specific intention, whether it’s to be kinder or work harder or just be a better YOU than you were the day before– then your outlook can be shifted to believe that you can balance it all. It’s the energy you put out into the universe that will determine what type of energy you attract back. When you wake up believing that you will rock a chaotic day, you will. That’s my overall major takeaway, as of now, to “balancing it all,” along with three other tips I have that have been game changers to my productivity and happiness…

Make a List & Check It Twice
At any given time I have about 20+ various lists. They live in my planner, in the “Notes” section of my iPhone, and in the sticky notes on the screen saver of my Mac. If I have an idea, a date I need to know, a dream list of vacation destinations, I’m writing it down or typing it out. I breakdown my lists by categories, anything from “Food” (all the food I have in my fridge/cabinet so I don’t let anything go to waste) to “To-Dos” which is a list that’s broken out by monthly goals, weekly goals, and then daily “to-dos” to achieve those goals (I promise I’m not crazy, sometimes my “to-do” of the day is to sit in the sauna 😉 ). Taking baby steps allow you to chip away at all the things that you have to do make it more feasible to accomplish them. List making has become a way of life, really.

Find Your Peeps
I’ve learned time and time again that it’s who you surround yourself with that really mold you into who you are. A few years ago I realized that it was totally OK to give yourself permission to remove negative energy from your life. Such a simple concept, yet it has freed me in more ways that I can say. Life is WAY too short to hang out with people that bum you out or give you a pit. The only type of pit you should be having is a snuggle mosh pit because you love all of your besties SO much that you all end up on the same couch, eating Twizzlers and watching To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. Go seeking for the people who will build you up instead of tearing you down. Once you get past high school, we’re all too old to be competitive. Everyone has their own interests and goals and dreams so let’s lift each other up in those. And if one of your girlfriends succeeds in a big way? Hop on her bandwagon and celebrate her. Why? One– because she sounds badass and totally deserves it. And two—because the next time it will be YOU succeeding, and winning at life is so much more fun when you have a sideline full of cheerleaders.

Listen To Your Joy
My joy lies in the DMs and emails and phone calls I receive and answer from so many young women who are seeking advice, so I laughingly (you’ll find that I don’t take myself very seriously 😉 ) share my experiences and thoughts. I’ve always said, pay attention to what things/hobbies/activities you dive into without stopping to pick your head up and check the clock. Those things/hobbies/activities require skills that are unique to you. And those skills can translate into classes and then majors and then entire careers and lifetimes spent doing the very things that you would normally dismiss as just your interests. A major part of having it all is living out personal strengths and translating them into careers that fulfill you.

If you got to the end of this post, you deserve a drink! Thank you so much for reading—now, go grab yourself a coffee or a cocktail. If I was with you right now, I’d be treating.”


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