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Free Resources You Should Know About

It’s always good to have strong business resources to turn to for your success. Many of these tend to be expensive, and when you are trying to build a business it might be difficult to rationalize this expense. We figured we ought to let you know about these free resources that we love and can be a great help to your business!

HARO is a great resource for receiving media opportunities for you and your business. They are owned by Cision, a leading Marketing and PR communications technology that connects journalists, bloggers, and brands. HARO has various subscription offerings with more benefits; however, their Basic and Free subscription allows you to receive media opportunities three times a day, everyday, right to your inbox! It can be a great resource for understanding what editors specific topics editors are looking for so that you can write pitches for your product or brand that are more likely to get noticed.

Rising Tide Society is an educational and community-like resource from businesses and like-minded thinkers looking to succeed in their business and empower others in their success. When you join Rising Tide, you will have access to an active and resourceful Facebook group, monthly guides, relevant business opportunities, and local meetups. There are over 77 thousand creative entrepreneurs part of the community, meeting in over 400 cities around the world. It is free and easy to join and the rewards and opportunities are endless!

Business of Fashion is a fashion news resource where you can create an account and follow various fashion and business based topics. From topics such as luxury, retail, sustainability, technology, media, and global markets, you can choose what speaks to you and your business. Business of Fashion combines news journalism with business advice, tools, and even experiences. It is a resource connecting fashion and business with influential voices and positive change for the future of global fashion.

We hope you check these out and share any other free resources you love for your business!


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