Got A Story? Share it with Instagram Stories!

You’ve all seen them… those little icons on the homepage of your Instagram or in your favorite Instagram’s blogger’s bio. Those icons are Instagram stories, and they are taking the world by storm! Instagram released the “story” feature back in 2016 and as the era of Instagram bloggers approached, stories only got more popular.

 Now, instead of posting on your Instagram constantly, and annoying your followers, one can add a post to their story which will typically last for 24hrs, unless they add it to their story highlight! You can add anything to your story really! Have a recipe you like and want to share with friends? You can add a pic of the meal, add some text with all the information for the recipe, add a G.I.F to make it eye popping, and then post it! Once that’s on your story, everyone will be able to see what you shared via your profile picture at the top of the homepage!

Now, what do we do when we want it to stay longer than the 24hrs we are allowed? Simple! Click on your new story, and in the bottom right corner it will say HIGHLIGHT with a HEART. Click on that button and a section will pop-up on the bottom of the screen, next you can click the NEW button. After that, it will ask you to NAME your new highlight (in this case we can name it meals), and then you click ADD. From there, it will add it to your profile and voilà you’re done! Now, whenever you post anything to your story you can just add it to your previously existing highlights. 

If you need some inspiration for your stories have no fear, we’re going to share some of our favorite examples of great highlights to add to your profile or business profile!

  • Sneak Peek of the next collection
    • This could be about an upcoming project you’re working on!
  • Behind the Scenes
    • If you are working on a shoot share pictures of the photographer working or the set. If you’re the kind of business that creates items then share pictures of you working on the project!
  • Q & A with the team 
    • If you want individuals to get to know you, your team, and your company more, ask your followers to send in questions and have different people answer them!
  • Tutorials
    • If you have a product or a favorite beauty routine, record yourself demonstrating how to use the product or how to do do the beauty routine and add it to your story

Watch as your instagram comes to life because of your stories! You can add anything and everything to your instagram stories and highlights, the opportunities are endless! We hope this has helped you understand the crazy world of Instagram and Instagram bloggers just a little bit better!


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