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Influencer Collaborations

We work a ton with influencers and pride ourselves on being one of the first firms to do so all those years ago! We value the work influencers put into their campaigns and their strength in persuading customers and followers. We often get asked by others how to work with influencers so we thought we’d put together a list of some things that we look for when collaborating with influencers

  1. Their following- not necessarily that they have 100k followers. We’ve found that large numbers don’t alway translate into customers. Sometimes micro-influencers have better conversion rates as their followers truly trust them and converse with them, its a more intimate relationship. When you look at followers also make sure their followers aren’t fake or bought and actual people who could be your customers
  2. Their engagement- if they have a lot of followers do they get a lot of likes too? What about comments on their posts? Is the ratio correct or does it seem off. Are their followers truly interested in what they post?
  3. Their photography- sometimes a small influencer may be worth it for their amazing photography. Perhaps work with them to launch a new piece or shoot your new collection.They provide value in giving you beautiful images for you to use on your site, social media, etc.
  4. Their blog- sometimes we forget that influencers started as bloggers and those who still actually blog (not just post on Instagram) add value. Their posts help with SEO and are testimonials for your brand. Sometimes influencers actually have their strongest following numbers and potential customers for you via their blog instead of social media so be open to this.


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