Introducing Our Social Media Planner Notepad

Have you met our Social Media Planner notepad yet? If not, let me introduce you to it! Typically each week and often times each month I look ahead and plan out our client’s social media content making sure I remember upcoming launches, sales, holidays (both traditional and non-traditional). I always would make a sort of chart listing out the days then filling in what needs to be posted when, what I need to shoot for the imagery and what sort of props I may need to gather. This system became the inspiration for our social media planner.

I created it in hopes to help other entrepreneurs who do their own social media or work for a similar place like Piqued PR managing other’s social content and even bloggers. The purpose was to make them think more strategically, seeing the larger picture and not have to rush last minute each day trying to think of what to post.

At the top of the planner you’ll find a section o write in the “week of” allowing you to plan multiple weeks in advance. Next to that you’ll find a section for “goals”. Here I hope you’ll write to engage with ___ brand, to launch your new product, to get 5 DMs from customers, etc. Beneath that are 3 social media icons, here you can circle or shade in which platform you’ll be using for the below content. Finally you’ll see each day of the week listed with a spot to write what the image you want to post is and what the text relating to that image is. Is it an inspiration, a call to action, etc. Lastly, to the right is a “note” section. Use this to reflect on the week or make your list of props to gather for pictures or links to prepare, etc.

To celebrate the launch of this planner enjoy 20% off with code “celebrate” and buy yours here!


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