Stay Safe, Look Good!

COVID – 19 has wreaked havoc on not just America, but the whole world for quite some time now. Thankfully we have such amazing essential workers such as nurses / doctors, grocery store employees, and teachers who have helped the world move forward during this pandemic. As each state’s stay-at-home order lifts, residents are encouraged to wear face masks to go out. Who would have ever thought that face masks would be the new hot item to accessorize with this year? As we have learned from our health officials, wearing masks acts as a physical barrier to protect you and others from viral and bacterial particles. 

Just because we have to wear these face masks does not mean we have to give up our sense of style! A hot commodity amongst celebrities lately are face masks that can match their outfits! Some ways to style your face masks could include buying or creating a mask that matches the exact pattern or color of your outfit (dresses, shirts, and yes even bathing suits). You can buy the patterns and prints needed to create your face mask on Amazon, or if your state has lifted its bans, your local craft store! If you’d just like to purchase your mask without making them, many retailers are selling them! We at Piqued PR are lucky to work with such great clients, who in fact have started selling their own face masks! Some of these businesses include Lisi Lerch, Giddy Paperie, Bennos Buttons, Brooke Wright Designs, Crab and Cleek, and Abbi Custis Art.

If you were looking for some ways to give back during these crazy times, many of our clients are giving you the opportunity to do so. For every mask sold from Brooke Wright Designs, they will donate a mask to someone in need (childhood cancer patients, the elderly, etc.). For each mask sold through Crab and Cleek, they will donate one mask to a homeless shelter. Finally, when you purchase a seersucker mask from Lisi Lerch, they will donate a meal to a healthcare professional helping combat the Coronavirus.

If you are interested as to what some of the fabulous face masks looked like from our amazing clients, take a look at the pictures!


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