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Everyone’s Favorite Color… Millennial Pink

Everywhere we look we see it. It surrounds us. Millennial Pink. Pink used to be Barbie and bubble gum when we were kids but a new shade has resurfaced. It’s a sophisticated pink. A pink without the sugariness. It’s a color that doesn’t commit and it’s here to stay. This faded version of pink is everywhere and the millennial generation is obsessed.

1) What is it?

It’s a peachy/grapefruit/salmon/apricot/rose color that has the world swooning. The fashion and design industries are dumping the color on everything.

2) When did this color arise?

Most say the unveiling of the rose gold iPhone in 2015 was the source, but honestly it’s been around forever.

3) Who’s wearing it?

A year ago Marc Jacobs created controversy with his flamingo colored dreadlocks worn by Kendall Jenner and the Hadid sisters. Followed by other designers such as Stephen Jones, Gucci, Céline, Balenciaga etc.

4) What’s next?

It’s coming for our food. The latest breakfast trend is acai smoothie bowls. What color are they you ask? Why they’re pink. Use your favorite Starbuck’s strawberry refresher or the limited edition unicorn frap to wash down the pink macaroons. Finally, end the day with your favorite bottle of Rosé. Some say food is fashion and I guess that’s why it had to follow suit.

Millennial pink or “Tumblr Pink” is all the rave. But at the end of the day, do we really like this color, or are we just trying to bring back our childhood? If so, what color will be next?


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