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Pique Into Marketing: Branded Goods

Free marketing… everyone wants it! One way to go about marketing your business for free (well relatively) is through branded merchandise that you use in your everyday life and can also give others to use in their daily routines. No, I’m not just talking about those free pens you get at seminars. Today I’m sharing my favorite branded merchandise and resources where I buy them.

1- Pop Sockets- I’ve had a Pop Socket since back in the day when only thirteen-year-olds did. Now you can customize Pop Sockets with your own logo and since these days everyone is glued to their phone, this has been a great form of marketing for me.

2- Totes- here again I don’t mean those ones everyone gives out for free to reuse for groceries (although those can be nice too…), instead I prefer an embroidered or canvas tote. I got mine, pictured here from Monogram Mary who works directly with you on these high quality custom pieces. Next up I plan to order Piqued PR embroidered baseball hats for the team.

3- Crazy Straws- yes, those straws that took the early 90s by storm. How fun, quirky and cheap! They make for great pictures that people will want to upload and tag on Instagram. A great freebie for events.

4- Yeti- these insulated coolers/warmers are everyone’s best friend. Slap your logo on a Yeti or Swell Bottle to promote your business and good hydration practices 😉 I prefer mine engraved versus a sticker so they are easier to wash.


Established in 2013, Piqued PR is a full service boutique PR agency focusing on lifestyle clientele. We pique the interest of press and consumers to inform and excite them about your business, products and services.

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