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Pique into our Week

Each week we’re sharing our team’s piques of the week. What we’re loving, buying, reading, eating, etc. Take a Pique!

Patricia’s Weekly:

Last weekend I binge watched Sharp Objects. You can’t stop watching because you want to know who did it and there are so many dark twists. My only regret is that I didn’t read the book first.  

Marty & Miles rolled in something and ruined their collars last week but don’t worry I found them the most #PatriciasPalace collars ever!

You guys, I just discovered Rothys. I know have I been living under a rock? But I ordered these camo loafers and have never had more comfy shoes in my life! 

Dress for Cocktails has done it again! This time with their adorable new bottle dresses. Every holiday party host is getting one of these.

Everyone knows I love a good business podcast. Recently I discovered Second Life and I’ve been listening to it nonstop. 

Elizabeth’s Weekly:

I am getting a bad case of Fall fever… I can’t stop shopping all things sweaters. This week I found this cute poncho from Abercrombie & Fitch (yes they do have cute stuff and I still buy stuff from there at 21 years old). Ponchos are my favorite go-to to dress up any outfit!

I’ve always been a peanut butter lover but this Jif Cinnamon Peanut Butter is LIFE CHANGING. My fav snack is bananas and peanut butter and adding cinnamon was a game changer. Taylor and I ordered an 8 pack so our apartment is stocked!

This week I started a new Netflix show, Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce. Hands up if you’ve ever seen it! When I get the opportunity to relax and watch some TV I want to see a rom-com, and this show was a perfect match! I am telling you it is so funny, definitely add it to your must watch list!

Taylor’s Weekly:

My favorite decoration in my apartment is the wooden monogram hanging above my bed! The best part about it is that it comes unpainted which is perfect because then you can paint it with whatever fun color you want! I chose to paint mine a deep purple and it matches my comforter amazingly!   

I just ordered these super cute tan flats from Macy’s! Every woman needs a comfy pair of these in their lives! They’ll go with everything, so I can’t wait to pair mine with cute outfits!  

My favorite water bottle right now is my s’well! I have the plain white 25oz bottle and I bring it everywhere I go! I personalized mine by ordering a monogram sticker from etsy that I stuck on the side of my bottle!


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