Pique Their Brain with Kimberly and Kim of Sailor-Sailor

Due to a love of preppy style, Kimberly Hoag and Kim Haney met in 2005 and inspired the creation of Just Madrs in 2007. After joining forces in 2014, nautical sailor-sailor was born. Due to the fact that they are both Connecticut Girls, they had a vision for a collection that mirrored a timeless style and one that was made with performance fabrics. Their outfits can be worn day in and day out. They are grateful for all the wonderful people they have met along their journey and are thankful for their loyal customers!  

What inspired you to start your business

We met when we both had cottage businesses, Kimberly trimmed handbags and Kim sewed custom belts and keychains.  In 2007 we teamed up to start a madras collection, thus Just Madras was born.  We sold it in 2017 to grow the sailor-sailor brand. We saw the trend for Resort wear styles, with a preppy twist.  We are well known for our colorful nautical and tropical prints.  Proud to be American Made also.

What advice would you give to an inspiring entrepreneur or student?

To follow your passion, whether it is a  small or large dream.  Always know there are mentors out there that can give advice and guidance along the way.  We have been lucky to have used our creativity along our journey and have met the most wonderful people through it.

How has social media influenced or helped your business? Do you have and example?

We call it the power of Instagram! It is the marketing tool that has grown our business with help of the social influencers that we work with.  Facebook has also been a positive reinforcement.

What’s one thing that you can’t live without for your business? 

Advice from husbands and friends!

Who do you admire and why?

Diane Von Furstenburg. She was the pioneer of the wrap dress, that started the revolution dresses could be worn everyday and women in the workplace did not have to sport the suit!

What is next for your business? 

Stay tuned!


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