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Pique Their Brain With Tiffany of Course & Club

Meet Tiffany O’Malley, Course & Club’s founder and designer. Course & Club is a line of preppy and sporty women’s golf apparel. We are obsessed with her elegant designs that offer style on and off the golf course!

What inspired you to start your business?

I picked up golf as an adult after I got married.  It’s a social game and an activity I can do with my husband or girlfriends well into old age – which is one of the many things I love about it!  As I began to play, I quickly grew frustrated with the narrow apparel options available to women golfers – everything looked similar to me. I wanted something different. I had gotten my degree in fashion marketing and design and the time was right for me to launch my own business. I focused on building pieces that were as traditional as the game itself – pieces that I could wear on the course or to lunch or dinner at the club. Course & Club was launched to provide a market niche of classic, yet functional pieces that can be worn on or off the course.

What advice would you give a student or aspiring entrepreneur?

Two things:

  1. Be extremely thoughtful about the people you choose to do business with.  For me, choosing the right (or wrong) vendors is one of the most important decisions I make.  To bring one skort from concept to product launch, I have to partner with many different suppliers and specialists: pattern makers, graders, fabric houses, zipper manufacturers, seamstresses, transportation companies, and photographers – plus website and backend vendors. It’s a lot of people to depend on and each impacts the quality of the customer experience. Pick your partners wisely!!
  2. Nothing happens over night. Be patient with the process and do your work diligently day-after-day. The stories of  overnight sensations whose handbag sold out in one hour because it was photographed on a celebrity are anomalies. Most entrepreneurs have to grind it out for years. It’s a marathon and you have to be all in or you’re not going to make it!

How has social media influenced or helped your business? Do you have an example?

Social media is important and it’s consistently one of the things I struggle to keep on top of. Part of my business is reaching out to buyers of country clubs and resorts around the country.  I can send lots of emails to buyers with limited response and then one prominent country club can post on Instagram an image of my product in their shop and suddenly I have 10 buyers calling me!  It’s a beautiful thing when it’s works in your favor like that!

Who do you admire and why?

On a personal level, my mother, because nothing ever gets to her. She always says “be a duck!” “let it roll off” – I strive to be like her. It’s also a really important quality every entrepreneur should posses.

With respect to business, I’ve followed Kiel James Patrick and his wife Sarah Vickers (KJP.com) for years. I’ve never met them but I greatly admire them. They have built an incredible brand out of taking the most amazing pictures of themselves. They have created a lifestyle that many dream about. Their images stir our imagination in wonderful ways! To me, they really exemplify the power of “influencer marketing”. Their products all speak to a classic, nautical, all-American lifestyle and I love it!

What is next for your business?

Expanding our product offering and continuing to build our brand and delight our customers!

How would you describe your brand in 3 words?

Classic – my goal is to never design something that will go out of style.

Preppy – classic All-American style represents energy – that’s what I’m after.

Versatile – I want my customers to enjoy our pieces on and off the course

Thanks so much, Tiffany!


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