Put a Pin In It, Make Your Pinterest Ideas Go Viral

I’ve always loved going onto Pinterest and making board after board of all the ideas I have in my head. When I had something creative that I wanted to add to the Pinterest world, I would write it up, and post it but nothing would come out of it. I researched high and low as to why this happened. Then suddenly, I stumbled along a couple articles that provided great insight as to what I should be doing, and in today’s post I’ll be sharing them with you!

  The first website was from Helen at https://styleinherited.com/! My favorite tips from the article included…

  1. Create Your Own Stock Photos: Plain backgrounds aren’t ideal because Pinterest’s software specifically reads the photo to understand the subject. Also the background photo should reflect the subject manner of your pin. For example, if your pin is about clean beauty, then take a photo of clean beauty products on your countertop with a natural sponge, or if your pin is about blogging, then use a keyboard, pen, planner, coffee mug, etc in your photo. 
  2. Create the Content Your Pin Will Link To: It’s important to STOP & THINK about if your pin has a purpose before continuing on to the next steps. 99.9% of the pins you create should be directing Pinterest users back to your blog (or your Instagram, but mostly your blog). The other 0.1% would be pins linking to a fellow blogger/s site that mentioned you.

The second website was from a helpful blogger from https://www.thesitsgirls.com/! My favorite tips from this article included…

  1. Add A Pinterest “Pin It” Button To Your Blog: This can be very overlooked. Many bloggers will create a post and not have a pinterest button. These people probably miss many pins by not having the button. By pinning your content, you make it easy for people to share your post. 
  2. Keep Re-Pinning: People usually pin their post once, and never go back to it. You want to make sure you are pinning your post multiple times. For example, a dinner recipe could be posted to your blog board (make sure you have a board just for your blog’s content), a food and drinks board, and a main dish board. I even recommend waiting a week or two, and going back and pinning your post all over again.

The third website I found helpful was written by Tracie Forbes on her website https://traciefobes.com/. My favorite tips included…

  1. Good keyword descriptions: Making sure that you have the right keywords is important because it will help your pins come up through search. Also, most people will not edit your descriptions, ensuring that what you want your pin to say will remain intact.  For instance, you would not say “stuffed peppers.” Instead, say “Easy Dinner Recipe Idea | Stuffed Pepper Recipe | Stuffed Peppers.” The second one contains many more of the keywords under which this pin will now be found.
  2. Watch your analytics: Don’t look at Pinterest analytics.  Dig into your Google Analytics so you can see which pins are sending you the most traffic. These are the pins you want to pin on a recurring schedule. If they are already sending you traffic, you can keep the momentum going by continuing to pin that same content
  3. Pin your content to relevant boards: When you are pinning, it is essential that the board description matches the pin.  This will ensure that your pin is signaling Pinterest as to what it is about. For example, pinning a beauty pin to a travel board is not a good idea. 

And that’s that! After reading many comments from these websites, I too feel hopeful that my Pinterest pins will be soaring in no time! I hope these tips will help you too! Make sure to share with us your success stories after these tips! As always, happy pinning!


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