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Spring Beauty & Fashion Must Haves!

The best way to welcome spring and fresh beginnings is by incorporating new beauty products and fashion trends into your look! It’s a perfect time to try out items that you’ve never used before. Also, the warm weather is approaching, so it’s time to start preparing! Here are some spring beauty and fashion must-haves to try this season!

Beauty Must-Haves

Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray

This facial mist is an absolute must for springtime! Now that we are done with the dry winter weather, it ’s time to add in as much moisture as possible into your daily skin routine! This rejuvenating facial spray is infused with aloe, herbs, and rosewater to revitalize your skin and leave your face feeling hydrated and glowy, the perfect look for spring! You can spray this mist on your face before or after makeup. It helps to soothe and re-energize your skin, no matter what time of the day it is. You will not regret picking up this amazing, affordable facial mist!

Essie Ballet Slipper Nail Polish

Essie’s Ballet Slippers is another affordable and staple product for the spring! Ballet Slippers is a neutral pale pink shade that flatters with any outfit. It is a perfect in-between winter and summer nail color because it’s not too dark, but also isn’t a crazy bright shade! It’s easy to apply, only takes two coats, and makes your manicure look clean and put together. Ballet Slippers is a chic, fresh nail color for the spring!

Manna Kadar Champagne Charcoal Body Scrub

This body scrub might look familiar to you, as it was featured in the last Fab Fit Fun box! It’s currently sold out online because of its recent popularity, but it’s definitely worth it to wait for the restock! The gentle body scrub contains charcoal and Dead Sea Minerals to remove dead skin and build up from the dry winter weather! This product is perfect to add to your shower routine in the spring because it will get your skin ready for the summer. After using this Champagne Body Scrub, your skin will feel polished, refreshed, and prepared for the warm weather!

Fashion Must-Haves

Hair Scarves

Hair scarves are a trend this spring that can be styled in multiple ways. There’s a bunch of affordable and cute ones to find with bright and fun prints to add to your look this spring. You can use these scarves an abundance of ways, not just in your hair! For example, you can tie them into the end of a braid, at the top of a high ponyl, as a thick headband, attached to your handbag, around your waist, and more! Here is a great example of how to style a hair scarf! They are such a fun and easy way to add color and pattern to your look this spring.

Woven Bags

This style of handbags is definitely in right now and is going to be a common accessory this spring. There are a lot of different styles of woven bags, but this one is a good example. These bags are so unique and pretty and can add some character to any outfit this spring. They can be worn in the summer too,  so why not make an early investment and add one to your closet this spring? A great way to add some embellishment to a woven bag is to tie a colorful patterned hair scarf to the strap, which will add that extra pop of color for the season!

Tie Dye

It seems like tie-dye may be replacing the floral trend this spring! This trend was popular in the past and is definitely making its comeback. Tie-dye can be incorporated into your look with a t-shirt, a bathing suit, and even workout leggings, like these! This is a more unique trend to add to your closet this season. It’s a flattering print and is the perfect way to add some brightness and color into your wardrobe this spring.


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