The Clock Is Ticking, Time To Get On Trend With TikTok!

Tik Tok has become the world’s newest internet craze! Filled with dancing, music, pets, comedy, and more, TikTok has everything you’re looking for… or does it? As a PR company, we’ve done a fair amount of searching, and we’ve found that TikTok could be the next big thing to boost your business or blog! 

How might this work you may ask? Well, TikTok roughly has about 500 million users worldwide! So, this could potentially expose you to a whole new world of people and possible customers. reminds us to always do our research before jumping into something!

The last thing you want to do is join a social media platform and look like you don’t know what you’re doing. To avoid getting shunned by users on TikTok, you need to study the platform. By studying what type of content works on TikTok and how to interact with others on the platform, your business can fit into the culture naturally. (Balkhi,


If you feel as though this could be the perfect place for you to promote yourself, then take the next step and figure out trends and work them around your business or your blog! You’re more likely to have individuals watch your material if they can relate to what it is. Once you’ve got that under your belt, pull out your phone and get creative! 

A perfect example of how to promote your business comes from the LUSH company. On their TikTok account they show off their products and how they work all with a catchy tune in the background. For a fashion blogger, one can try on various clothing hauls and record each outfit and promote it as a mini fashion show. For a fitness blogger, one can advertise their daily meal plan or the greatest workouts for that perfect summer body. The possibilities are endless when it comes to this app! 

We have just a few more tips that are sure to help you get noticed with this app! Just like your social media accounts, hashtags are KEY!!! You can use ones that relate to your video, and you can even use hashtags that are popular on TikTok so that you can get exposure from a whole different audience. Finally, reach out to any famous TikTokers that you would think would help you promote your business. Making connections is always a great idea, and we cannot stress that enough!

Well, what are you waiting for! TikTok can potentially be the next big thing for you! Be strategic, be creative, and most importantly have fun. Who knows, maybe you will be TikTok famous one day too!


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