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The Difference Between You and The Other Guys

Starting a new business can be such an exciting time for any new owner! Your business is most likely gaining attraction, new followers, new customers, and probably a lot of profit too. As time goes on though, your business might slow down when it comes to profit and customer following. This is would be the perfect time to start implementing some unique aspects into your business to set you apart from the rest!

In this blog post were going to be talking about unique sales! In an ever changing environment, more and more business will come around that might be similar to your own. If you and other businesses are selling the same merchandise, you might want to use unique sales to distinguish yourself from other competitors in the marketplace.

There are various sales you and your business could be doing today that can help with your “uniqueness”. More times than not, you’ve probably seen these sales at the stores you shop at too! The first unique sale you can run involves giving a gift. To encourage your customers to keep making purchases give a gift with every separate purchase they make at your business. The next unique sale is a BOGO! To if you want to push more of one type of product, try doing a buy one get one so more of that product sells!

The next type of sale you can do would be a tiered sale. For this sale, the more the person spend the more they save. For example, you can get 10% off of $100 spent, 20% off 200, 30% off of 300 and so on. To allow your customers to give back to a charity or their community, you can do a sale where your product can be 10% off and that 10% of the sale can be donated. If you plan on collaborating with another business you can try to do a bundle sale. Our clients Crab and Cleek and WH Hostess did this sale and it was a hit! If someone bought a bag from Crab and Cleek and a notepad from WH Hostess, the cost was $10-$20 cheaper than if an individual were to buy them separately.

Finally, you can try doing a mystery box! Sugarfina Candy does has done something similar to this before. Basically, what you would do is put a bunch of different products from your business in a box. You should let your customers know that they won’t get to pick what was in the box. What’s important to promote is that they will love every item in the box, and that it’s much cheaper than if they bought it all on their own.

Although all these sales seem a little intimidating at the start, once you start doing them regularly they will seem natural. Try doing each of these sales at least once to see what works best for you and your business! We hope this helps you and your business soar to new heights!


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