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The Importance of Email Lists

Today’s businesses are social media obsessed. While we too believe that social media drives a ton of purchases and allows you to read new customers across the country, you shouldn’t forget about growing you email list. You see, Instagram could go away tomorrow, they could decide to go out of business or another social media platform may out rule them. Then what happens? Where do all your followers go? Exactly. They’re gone, you don’t own the and have no way to connect with them besides on that platform.

This is why it’s important to grow your email lists. While those lists I’m sure you house on programs like Constant Contacts or Mailchimp, they still are yours to bring with you where you want and connect DIRECTLY with your customers. So how can you build your email list?

  • Offer a freebie incentive if you provide a service, give them an instant download when they sign up with some tips and tricks for free
  • If you sell products then give new subscribers a discount code or code for free shipping on their order
  • Place an email subscribe button on the homepage of your website
  • Install a pop up when people visit your website to subscribe to your newsletter
  • Make sure the emails you send your subscribers is always valuable such as announcements of sales, sneak peeks of new arrivals, advice, etc.


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