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TikTok Accounts You Should be Following

We all can get lost scrolling through TikTok every now and then. Why not take this lost time and use it to learn something? Here is a list of business TikTok accounts you should follow to learn business and marketing tips and tricks!

  • @themrspedersen – Rachel Pedersen is a marketing and social media expert sharing business advice and tips. Some of these include words to make your messaging stronger, content prompts, business books, and being confident. 
  • @newsocietysocialmedia – Rachel is a social media manager sharing tricks and how to generate more revenue through social media. A few of her tricks include using keywords for your audience in your bio and captions, utilizing reels and TikTok, hopping on new trends, and showing your face online to make your social media more personal to the audience.
  • @bizcoachsasha – Sasha is a business coach who provides marketing tips to her followers daily. Some of this content includes email marketing tips, content tips and strategies, hooks to gain viewership, and even featuring small businesses and their products.
  • @katiewelch – Katie is the Chief Marketing Officer for Rare Beauty, the makeup brand founded by Selena Gomez, which promotes individuality and celebrating what makes you unique. Katie’s TikTok consists of marketing tips, motivation, and overall career advice based on her experiences.
  • @megangersch – Megan is a web design and branding expert sharing different strategies of hers. Some of these include how to get the attention of ideal clients, what different colors represent in branding, and how to optimize your website and business design. She is great to check out if you are looking to create a website or rebrand your business!


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