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Warm and Fuzzy

Something You onsite was started by Allison McAllister in 2006. Servicing brides in the greater Philadelphia area since then, their goal has always been to make each of their clients a fancier version of themselves. They believe in bringing out clients’ natural beauty, looking like their most beautiful self on the most special day of their lives. Check out the most popular makeup this season below!

“Something You onsite Beauty believes trends should be fun, you can be fearless, while having a smooth transition from season to season.

In makeup, we are watching the peaches and warm tones from the summer dial down to siennas and deeper dusty pinks for fall. Couldn’t get enough GLOW on Netflix this summer? Keep up those 80’s vibes by making your peachy lids metallic. Foiled eyeshadow will take the warm summer tones and jazz it up for the new season. Pair it with a rose toned lip to keep it modern.  We personally think you can’t beat Marc Jacob’s le marc lip crayon and eye-conic eyeshadow set. This duo is luxurious beauty for only $60

From runway to real life one thing we have in common with all supermodels is an untamed mane. We are seeing a lot of “off-duty model hair” replacing the highly styled loose curls from the past. Think those same curls just three days later. To get the texture without waiting, IGK has a whole variety of dry shampoos for every hair type, and texture sprays. Our personal favorite is IGK Down & Out Dirty Spray. Don’t let the name fool you, this dirty spray smells fresher than the crisp fall air.

This brings us to our last must-have in your beauty bag, Le Labo perfumes. We believe beauty is more than what you wear every day its a reflection of who you are, and how you make your presence known. A great way to make a statement is with a signature perfume. Each bottle is freshly hand blended with the finest ingredients. For a little “beauty on the inside” pick me up, be sure to read the manifesto on the ‘about’ section while purchasing.

All of the above mentioned products are cruelty free and made with the utmost attention to their craft.”


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