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Ways to Invest In Your Business

We truly believe you need to spend money to make money and you need to invest in your business just as others would invest in it. Today we thought we’d share the best ways to invest in your business, well and yourself!

  • Attend a Conference- 2021 is still tricky when it comes to crowds and travel but if you can’t go to an in-person conference there are so many virtual ones. The Female Founders Summit is one we plan to attend.
  • Do an Online Course- there are so many options for all sorts of business topics to brush up on. A recent one we invested in was Shannon Shipman’s Instagram Solution course.
  • Work with a Consultant- once again, there are all sorts of consultants for every business topic. We suggest SesSide Creative’s SEO consultation and Julianne Taylor’s video consolation.
  • Join a Networking Group- a networking group allows you to connect with those in your industry or other entrepreneurs. Even if it doesn’t result in clients (it never has for me) it has resulted in referrals and lasting friends I can count on for business advice and inspiration. Fem City and The Southern C are ones we recommend.
  • Read a Book, Listen to a Podcast- free or relatively affordable, there’s still so much information to learn from these sources.


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