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Ways to Network Virtually

Connecting with others is something so essential to our human identity. In the professional world, networking is how you can strengthen your reach and launch your career to new places. Creating strong and lasting relationships is important for those just starting out in the business world AND those with established careers. In the public relations and social media world that we at Piqued PR live in, most of what we do is virtual. We are constantly connecting and networking with others online, and in person. In a world that has become virtual for so many, continuing to network with others will be beneficial for your business and career.

Here is a list of ways that you can make sure to grow and strengthen your network virtually:

  • Send check in emails – one of the easiest things you can do is type up a message checking in with someone. Make sure to begin with who you know, then you can branch out to those you want to know more!
  • If you can, call – If you can communicate with someone through a phone call, do it. When you can’t be with someone in person, hearing a real voice can be the next best thing. Chances are the reason for the phone call will be resolved quickly and efficiently, leaving some time to chat.
  • Build and engage in social media – building up your social media is more important than ever in virtual communication. It is how we can meet new people and form strong relationships, while sharing our everyday lives. Make sure to connect and engage with others through Instagram live, stories, and commenting. LinkedIn is another great resource to find and keep up with business contacts all in one place!
  • Join online communities – Joining Facebook groups and other online communities will help you to put yourself out there and engage with others about a certain topic or industry. Don’t know any? Ask one of your contacts if they do.
  • Attend virtual events – While being virtual, we can still attend and interact with others through virtual events and conferences. These are the perfect opportunity to connect with others outside the normal work hours. All it takes is a fun outfit and being in the comfort of your own home! If you feel inclined, create a virtual event of your own and invite new and old contacts to connect with!


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