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What is PR?

Isn’t Public Relations just HR and Marketing? Not quite! We are our own department!

We are a Public Relations company, but what exactly does this mean? Often, what we do can get mistaken for Human Resources and Marketing, but we are all quite different. As Public Relations, we get a company’s name out to the press, helping them get noticed. Creating strong relationships with editors, bloggers, and influencers helps us help the brands we work with.

Public Relations can get mistaken as Human Resources because we are a resource for companies expanding their reach through the media. Human Resources is just one area within a company that manages the employees based on the administration’s strategic planning. They also perform the recruitment, interview, and hiring process for the company. While Human Resources works internally, public relations works externally to focus on consumer interest.

Much of what public relations does is market a company to the press, bloggers, and influencers; however, we are not exactly Marketing. Marketing has everything to do with researching, planning, and promoting a product or service to its target audience. Marketers create engaging content, whether it is marketing materials or the perfect social media post. Public Relations has a stronger focus on creating and maintaining relationships with the media and influencers so that a business can promote their product through them.

So what exactly is it that Piqued PR does? We help businesses pique interest through public relations, maintaining influencer and press relations, social media marketing, and even events!


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Established in 2013, Piqued PR is a full service boutique PR agency focusing on lifestyle clientele. We pique the interest of press and consumers to inform and excite them about your business, products and services.

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