Who’s On Your VIP List?

Think about that one time you went to a club or a party and saw a group of people going in before you as you waited in the extremely long line. I bet that you too wished you could be apart of that group. VIP status has the ability to make anyone feel appreciated and valued, and isn’t that what you want your customers to feel like too?

Of course all of your customers are valuable to your business, but think about those individuals that go the extra mile for you. Do you have certain individuals that shop at your story frequently, are active on your social media accounts, recommending your business to their family and friends? Those customers should be your VIP customers! For all the work, publicity, money, and attention they give you, you should show them a little more love. By following this idea, those valuable customers will want to keep coming back to your business and supporting you.

If you’re wonder what you can do exactly for those special customers of yours then look no further. We’ve compiled a couple of ways you can help make your VIP customers feel extra special within your business.

  • Run sales that only your VIP customers can partake in.
  • If you’re having a sale, try opening it up a little early for your VIPs.
  • Run a point system where your VIPs customers can gather points with each purchase. Once they reach a certain number of points they can redeem a gift or they can get a discount on a future purchase.
  • Everyone loves to celebrate and feel special on their birthday, so you should try giving your VIP customers a birthday gift!
  • Create an experience for your VIPs such as a dinner where they get to meet the owner or designer and at the same time you can get your insights on you business.
  • Provide them with a sneak peek or the first offer to buy a new design before everyone else.

Now, we’re not saying that you shouldn’t be valuing all your customers and trying to bring new ones in, on the contrary, we encourage you to keep expanding your business in anyway you can. We just encourage you, if you haven’t already, to create a VIP list of customers to start focusing a little more on. Trust us, your customers and supporters will greatly appreciate it!


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