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Piqued PR

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We believe in collaborative communication, a 24-7 work ethic and creative execution.

Established in 2013, Piqued PR is a full service boutique PR agency focusing on lifestyle clientele. We pique the interest of press and consumers to inform and excite them about your business, products and services.

While we are physically based in the Philadelphia suburbs, our clients are coast to coast, across the United States. We work both on a local and national level, providing curated services for all business needs.​

Patricia Maristch

Founder & CEO

I started Piqued PR a year out of college, I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur I just didn’t know I would be so young when I became one. As a child I dreamed of owning a dance studio but it wasn’t until a family friend introduced me to PR when I was looking at colleges that this journey started.

With a degree in both communications and fashion merchandising (as well as a minor in French, hello overachiever) I decided to focus on lifestyle PR. With years of retail experience, shopaholic tendencies from spending Saturdays during my childhood shopping with my mom-mom and mom and love of all things luxe, I provide a unique viewpoint.

I understand my clients’ target customer because I am their target customer. I’m very selective in who we work with as I believe it is easier to market a product when you truly believe in the product.

When I’m not working behind my pink Mac you’ll find me perusing the racks of my favorite boutiques, completing home project for my fixer upper I lovingly call #PatriciasPalace or snuggling up with my pups Marty & Miles

Jordan Miller

PR Specialist

I am a PR specialist and I’ve been with Piqued since January of 2023 when I started as an intern. In college, I majored in digital media communications. I love social media, fashion, decor, and all things creative so I knew Piqued would be a great place for me.

If you’re a client, editor, or influencer you may have seen my name pop up in your inbox. I pitch clients to media publications as well as negotiate influencer partnerships.

You can also find me on the tennis court, walking my pup, or baking sweet treats in the kitchen.

Kelsey Lee

Graphic Designer

The graphic designer here! I fell in love with graphic design immediately after my brother downloaded Photoshop 16 years ago. I played around with it for fun making desktop wallpapers and cards, that’s what started me on my path. I then took every graphic design course I could in school. It’s always been relaxing to me. 
Patricia & I attended college together but after graduating, our mutual friend (hi, Jen!) got us in touch when Patricia needed her original logo and graphics designed. From there, Piqued developed, and now it is where it is today! I’m so glad I’ve been working with Piqued PR since its start and been along for the ride. 
I’m a total animal lover. I have 5 parakeets- Gummy, Mutli, Benny, Kerny, and Bobbin. They’re my babies. I’m a homebody who loves reading and is always in my pajamas!

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