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Client Success

Printfresh at Kathy Hilton's Annual Pajama Party

Printfresh at Kathy Hilton’s Annual Pajama Party 

Beverly Hills icon Kathy Hilton hosts her annual Christmas Pajama Party at her home and we knew this would be the perfect partnership for our client Printfresh. We coordinated the brand sponsorship which included a partnership with Kathy and her daughter Nicky Hilton Rothschild. Kathy and Nicky picked their favorite print from Printfresh’s holiday collection and promoted the print with the brand donating 10% to the Hilton’s favorite animal charities. 

The sponsorship also included Printfresh being the exclusive pajama brand at the Party with celebrity guests such as Paula Abdul, Denise Richards and Cheryl Hines wore their pajamas for pictures during the event.  The event not only raised money for animals in need but also garnered the brand social media mentions from celebrities and media hits from outlets like Access Hollywood which turned into local press from PHL17. 

Canvas Style’s Derby Collection

With a focus on jewelry for every event, occasion and destination; the Kentucky Derby was an obvious collection for Canvas Style. We organized a photo shoot around iconic derby locations in Louisville and Lexington including securing a local photographer, scouting venues, coordinating local influencers as models and gathering props and clothes from other like-minded brands to include in the shoot.


The images were used to promote the collection at America’s Mart for wholesale customers and then on social media for direct consumers. Many pieces sold out and were re-ordered, as one of their most popular collections. From the shoot flourished a partnership with Kentucky based artist For Pete’s Sake Pottery for a collection designed by the artist in collaboration with Canvas Style for the next season. 

Beth Ladd Collections x Kelly Golightly

Beth Ladd Collections wanted to try her first influencer design collaboration. She was looking for someone with their own unique style to bring new customers and brand awareness. We worked with Beth to find the perfect match based on our years of working with thousands of influencers and decided upon Palm Springs based Kelly Golightly. Our team fascinated calls and design meetings to dream up, design and tweak the collection between Beth Ladd Collections and Kelly Golightly. 


The collection included Truman Capote inspired earrings, clutches and tabletop pieces for the holiday season. To launch the collection we sent to 20 of Kelly Golightly’s fellow influencer friends including Blair Eadie and Teggy French who promoted pieces on their social media.

Holly Shae Real Housewives of Miami Shopping Event

Holly Shae was looking for a way to promote her upcoming resort collection, we thought of no better match for her colorful and fun prints than the cast of Real Housewives of Miami. While the cast was filming season 6, cast member Marysol Patton hosted a shopping luncheon at her home for her castmates. Holly Shae was the only clothing brand part of the event and got one-on-one time with each cast member as they shopped her designs, tried on the clothing and got to know the designer.


Holly Shae was in prominent scenes when the episode aired on television with her prints, clothing and logo in view on millions of televisions across the country. From this occasion also came various social media mentions from the casts and relationships with other brands who were part of the event. 

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