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How to use AI for Business

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been popping up in nearly every industry. Companies utilize  AI for a variety of reasons, whether it be generating content, gathering data, or looking for ways to improve their business. Here are some of our suggestions for how AI can be used for your business. 

  1. Blog posts: Blogs are a wonderful way for a brand to introduce themselves and connect with new and existing customers.  Not only do blog posts provide consumers with more information on the company, but it is great for branding purposes. Reading blog posts allows the consumer to feel a sense of connection with the company. Using AI to generate blog posts is an effective way to produce quality content quickly. Grammarly has an AI-powered writing assistant tool that lets the user tell the AI exactly what they need written while still maintaining their own voice. It works by having the user suggest specific tweaks to make the content as relevant and unique as possible. This is a great resource for businesses to utilize for writing blog posts.
  2. Social Media: Social media continues to be one of the most important factors for interacting with customers. Brainstorming and maintaining a content calendar with new posts everyday can be difficult, but AI is here to help make that process a bit easier. Hootsuite has a free AI caption generator that can be used to boost engagement. To use this feature, all you need to do is input the basic information such as:

-what platform the post will be on

-the style the caption should be written in (friendly, formal, educational, etc.)

-the language

– a description of the photo/video

-any important keywords. Email Responses: Emailing is a tedious but necessary practice within business. Responding to dozens of emails in a day may be taking time away from other important projects. ChatGPT is a free AI resource to use. You simply send a “message” to ChatGPT explaining what you need written. For example, “Write an email response to this (copy and paste email)” and the system will have the perfect response crafted in just a few moments.


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