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Social Media Trends for 2024

At Piqued PR, we (of course) love social media. Sharing our company, our amazing clients, and glimpses into our day is so much fun! The social media scape elevates every year. What is trending one year may be totally different the next year. Here are some of our predictions for social media trends in 2024. 

  1. Long Form Videos: Sharing videos on YouTube, Instagram Reels, and TikTok continues to be huge for brands and influencers. While shorter videos have been preferable for most users the last few years, it seems like long-form videos are making a comeback. TikTok introduced a 10-minute video feature that allows users to create videos up to 10 minutes long. This is great for vlogging and showing what a creator’s day looks like.
  2. Shares versus likes: For the longest time, “likes” were used to measure success of a social media post. However, this may change going forward. In 2021, Instagram made the option to hide like counts on posts, so those stats are only available at the discretion of the creator and not the public. Now brands are starting to realize that calculating shares holds more weight than a like. When something is shared, it means the user wanted to extend it to their own friends/followers. In most cases, it is more intentional. 
  3. Social Searching: Social media has become a search engine of its own. Need a recipe for dinner? Search for a simple recipe on TikTok. Searching on social media allows the user to find super specific content based on what they are looking for. Curious about a product that has been sitting in your shopping cart? Watch a detailed review about it online to see if it is worth the purchase. 
  4. Social Shopping: Social media storefronts give followers an easy way to shop brands as they scroll, without having to leave the app. Instagram shopping allows brands to tag products directly on the post for easy purchase through Instagram. TikTok Shop was introduced September 2023, allowing for creators to make shoppable videos and live streams so their followers can purchase products while the creator sharing the product makes a commission for sales.


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