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TikTok Tips

Today your social media plan must include TikTok. It’s one of the fastest growing apps and where trends catch on and products go viral. Here are some tips for making your TikToks successful.

  1. The Audio You Choose
  • One of the best ways to get more attention on TikTok is by using a viral sound. You can do this by going to the “Music” tab on Tiktok and seeing what songs are trending on that day. The good thing about this feature is that not only does it show what songs are trending on TikTok, but it also shows top songs from the Billboard charts. This feature is extremely useful when doing product promotion since trends are changing everyday. 
  1. The Influencers You Collaborate With 
    1. The influencers that you choose to collaborate with are extremely important for getting your brand attention, and fast. If you are looking for influencers on Tiktok, you want to make sure that their following is big enough so that people will talk about your brand, but small enough to get a response back. It is also important to do research on an influencer’s aesthetic since you want to make sure that their theme matches your brand. If your aesthetic differs from their account, there is a good chance that they will not be willing to work with you. 
  1. The Text That You Use/Your Replies 
    1. The simplest things can make a difference when it comes to product promotion. For example, using a popular text font or color can go a long way. This goes for influencers accounts as well as your brand’s TikTok account, which is even more important. Your own TikTok account should be a place where you can answer any concerns or questions with your products and build a connection with your following. Interacting with your audience is extremely important as it shows the consumer that you care about them. 

There are several other ways to successfully promote your brand on TikTok, these are just a few. Overall, doing proper research before you promote a product on TikTok is extremely important, as it can affect your overall engagement as well as any future collaborations. 


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